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Referral Directory
March 27, 2018

We sent this video to our clients today and wanted to share it with you.

Because our clients are oftentimes asking us for recommendations of service providers, we have created a list of service professionals for their use.

This list has been compiled by our clients and their recommendations. Some of these companies we have personally worked with, and others we have not. We don’t warrant their work or services, but do want to provide them to our clients for their use.

If you would like a copy of this list, please click on the link below and you can download it there.

If you use this list, please let us know your experience with these service providers as we continually update the list based upon our client’s feedback.

Also, if you ever come across other professionals of whom you think we should add to our directory, please let us know. It’s because of your contributions that we are able to create this list.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Referral directory


Color Made Easy
June 28, 2017

I received some information regarding tips on how to properly select paint colors for your home and I thought that I would share this information with you.

Color Made Easy

Please click on image to enlarge for enhanced readability.

The real estate market is very active right now and our team is very busy. However, every time I sell a house I am unemployed and right now I could really use the referrals of your family and friends who are thinking about selling. If you know of anyone in your life who is thinking of making a move, please contact me with their name and phone number and I will be honored to take great care of them!

I hope that you are enjoying the summer and that you have a very safe and wonderful 4th and 24th of July holiday celebrations!

Thank you for being our great client! I appreciate you!


Want More Money For Your Home? 3 Great Selling Tips
May 31, 2016

Many of our clients ask us which home renovations get the most return on their investment.  Please read on to learn which renovations pay off and how to remodel on a budget.

3 Tips to Renovate on a Budget

Home Maintenance Made Easy
April 19, 2016

Home maintenance is essential to preventing costly repairs.  This handy checklist will help you keep on top of home maintenance tasks so you can keep your home in great condition for years to come.

Home Maintenance Made Easy-1_Page_1Home Maintenance Made Easy-1_Page_2