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Angel’s Children
January 9, 2019

Due to one of my very special client’s invitation, I have become a participant in the YWCA.  I had a very emotional experience when as part of our service I wrapped Christmas gifts for a mother and her two sons who are living at the homeless shelter.

I wrapped one gift for each boy.

I filled a stocking for the mother and each boy.

I prepared a bowl full of goodies and popcorn and one game for a family game night.

Merry Christmas! (sarcasm).




As I was wrapping the simple gift for each boy, tears came to my eyes. I thought about my Christmases as a child and I pondered about this family’s Christmas. I was very, very sad. I cried in my car all the way home and was so mentally exhausted I went straight to my bed and tried to sleep.

I’ve always been a charitable donor. There are many causes that I have sponsored through the years and I’ve simply, “mailed in my check.” But to see it. To experience it. That was a whole new understanding for me.

You all know that I struggle with my weight and with exercise. So I have hired a wonderful coach named Jonathan Roche to help me. Jonathan is the author of the best-selling book,

The No Excuses Diet: The Anti-Diet Approach to Crank Up Your Energy and Weight Loss and he is the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Health & Wellness Solutions, Inc.

I just so happened to have my coaching call with Jonathan the morning after wrapping these meager gifts. After I tearfully shared my experience with Jonathan, Jonathan shared with me what his company is doing this year to bless struggling families at Christmas. Jonathan’s company is giving $500 to 25 families this year.


I thought about what I could do.


My goal this past year was to sell 16 homes each month. Whenever our team meets our goal, I always take them to a nice restaurant or we participate in some other fun activity to celebrate.   16 homes each month is a lot. It’s a stretch goal for us. It is doable, but we don’t always reach it.

I am always encouraging our team to reach that goal. But I don’t know if going to a nice dinner or doing something fun is motivational enough. I decided to copy Jonathan and connect our production goal to blessing families at Christmas.

As such, this coming year 2019, when our team sells 16 homes in a month, I am going to set aside $500 to help sponsor a family at Christmas. When our company (this includes the other agents that work at Sold By An Angel Real Estate® but not on my team), sells an additional 6 homes in that same month, then I will set aside another $500 to help sponsor a second family at Christmas.

If we were to successfully sell 22 homes each month (January to November), we would be able to deliver Christmas joy to 22 families.

Our lovely Nolle, created this beautiful visual to place on the wall of our mastermind room to inspire and encourage our team to achieve this goal:


angel's children photo


I’m still going to continue to donate to the other charities I have contributed to in the past, but because of the “personal experience” I had, this one will have more than just money. This one will have my heart.

At this time of year of reflecting on the past and envisioning the future, I want to express to you my gratitude for you. I am humbled by the support our business is given by your hiring us to serve you in the sale and purchase of your homes and for all the referrals that you so eagerly bestow upon me and my team as well. If it were not for your continual support and referrals, I would not have a job.

I don’t receive an hourly wage. I am 100% dependent upon the sale or purchase of someone’s home. I have never taken this privilege for granted and I never will. I wish you could know how dearly and sincerely grateful for you that I am.

I wish each and every one of you a blessed New Year! I hope that as you envision the future, that you are able to do whatever it takes to reach your goals and achieve all of your dreams.


May the New Year bring to you much peace and prosperity!

Have a Heavenly Day!®